Wedding photography in Mendocino, Sonoma, and Napa - California

About Nile Sprague, Photographer

"We love the photos!!!! They are exactly what we wanted. Thank you again for helping us have a perfect wedding day!!!!! Everyone that sees the pics is very impressed......"
- Janet, bride

"Nile is a delight to work with.  He is very professional.  He is great at putting people at ease.  And most importantly, he knows how to make you look good!"
- Eileen, portraiture client

"I'm grateful to Nile for photographing our intimate, casual wedding ceremony on the beach in Mendocino.  He captured the essence of the special moments of our day with a gentle, non-intrusive style.  It’s wonderful to relive the experience each time I look at the pictures, and now be able to share the feeling of the day and the spectacular setting with all those that were not present."
- Lori, bride

"His strength lies in his ability to interact with his subject, to evoke emotion and passion in the faces and expressions of the people he photographs - whether it be at your wedding or in the Nepalese Himalayas, Nile has a gift for capturing the heart and essence of the subjects of his lens."
- Julie Vetter, Mendocino resident

"Thank you so much for photographing my sister-in-law's wedding - it was a wonderful day and your photos made the day even more unique and remarkable. Nile, you make pictures come to life. Every time we look at each picture the memories and emotions of that day come flooding back into our minds and I truly believe it is because you captured the moment so well. Your photos breathe life into days gone by and the energy you seem to catch with each snap of your camera makes the photo glow with the joy of each kiss, hug, smile, or laugh. You truly have a one of a kind talent. You grab those precious moments of time that pass through or fingers so easily."
- Van, brother-in-law of the bride

"My daughter's wedding wouldn't have been the same without your respectful presence! Thank you for finding your way into our lives. Everyone commented on how well you "fit" with the celebration! It was a perfect match!"
- Star, mother of the bride

Nile grew up traveling with his father, professional photographer Sean Sprague, watching Sean capture the emotions of people during both crucial and daily events in their lives. A keen observer, Nile developed his own unique talents in people photography and the ability to chronicle in pictures the moods and moments of a lifetime such as the exceptional day of one's wedding, marriage, or other celebration.

Growing up on the Mendocino Coast Nile also understands the special lighting and locations of the area and how to capture them to the best advantage of his clients. Taking pictures is both a lifestyle and a passion and comes naturally for him. Coupled with an amiable and non-intrusive nature, he is appreciated for bringing not only his talents but his easy-to-work-with manner.

Currently involved in both professional wedding photographing and photojournalism, he has travelled extensively throughout the developing world, working for a variety of non-profit development organizations as both a writer and photographer. In addition to wedding photography, his photography experience includes food, architecture, products, landscapes, flora and fauna, macro-photography, and people.

Because of his wide range of experience, Nile is comfortable in any situation, and quick to adapt and creatively improvise when a challenge arrises.